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Content biting the bullet and rewriting my papers   the best decision i made in college
All through high school, I wrote essays and papers. I wrote them in a lot of my classes – history, biology, health, art, and, of course English. In most of those classes, I got very average grades on these pieces. In English, I sometimes got lower than average grades. My English teachers would use a lot of red ink to point my egregious errors of sentence structure, awkward composition, agreement mistakes, etc., and I pretty much ignored them.
Content path to a perfect research paper   your ultimate guide
College brings a lot of uncertainties – new roommates, living within a budget, making new connections, etc. One thing, however, is quite certain – research paper assignments. You will have many - in fact an average of 32 papers - to write during your four-year march to a Bachelor’s. While you were possibly able to be a bit lazy with the steps in research process in high school, you do not have that luxury now.
Content bee christmas 2
Christmas is the time of giving. People around the world spend lots of time, effort, and money to give out to the less fortunate and to their loved ones. And for some students, it means saving enough cash from their allowances and think of imaginative ideas to utilize their budget. Giving Christmas gifts doesn’t mean spending loads of cash on a Christmas present. There are numerous gift ideas for your loved ones, which are creative and personal.
Content christmas discounts bee
Check out the early Christmas gifts this December and manage your academic tasks better during the winter holiday season.
Content how to write a compare and contrast essay
Writing compare and contrast essays means having to list down both the similarities and differences of a particular subject matter, which could either be a thing or an idea. This particular assignment is usually provided by professors and teachers to encourage students to go beyond summarizing and describing and onto critical thinking and analyzing.
Content infographic all truth about head
Every person who wants to be successful understands that one of the main preconditions is a good education. It might not always be necessary, because self-education in the era of Internet is of a huge importance, but it surely plays a significant role in everyone’s life. That’s why in the high school we plan to enter one of the most prestigious universities. We dream about studying in Ivy League schools or other elite colleges and order application essays from research paper writing services to get a better chance to enter. We have gathered some interesting information about most powerful universities of the world.
Content worst common app essay mistakes and how to avoid them
An application essay is a usual requirement when enrolling in a college or university because it allows the admissions department to look into your values and accomplishments other than your academic and extra-curricular records. In order to submit a good application essay, you must, of course, have good writing skills. There are a lot of essay writing tips you can find online, starting with common app essay mistakes that applicants usually make hindering them from actually constructing an app essay that will manifest their true personality and passion.
Content don t you have a checklist yet here are the best navigators for seniors
Preparing for college seems like a lot of fun, but it can be a burden too. Although you haven’t decided yet on which colleges to apply, don’t worry. There is some time left in order for you to figure things out.
Content awesome cover letter examples for college students to engage employers
Writing a cover letter for resume as an undergraduate or freshly graduated student is both an exciting and difficult prospect. While many students focus on writing their resumes in order to impress their future employers, it’s important to note that both your resume and the cover letter for resume you send are what make your application. They both serve as a way of communicating who you are and how the company you are applying for can benefit from having you. It’s a two-way street after all.
Content proven mba essay tips for outstanding application
Writing an MBA essay in order to get into a business school is more about expressing your true self than following any sort of predetermined set of rules. However, it’s good to keep in mind that even though you are not restricted in your writing, it’s still a good idea to think twice about everything you want to include in your application essay. Luckily, there are some proven MBA essay tips that can help you get on your way and start writing that application paper. Let’s take a look at some of them, and keep in mind that you should adapt each one to who you are and what business school you are applying to; don’t take them for granted.
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