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Content christmas discounts bee
Check out the early Christmas gifts this December and manage your academic tasks better during the winter holiday season.
Content don t you have a checklist yet here are the best navigators for seniors
Preparing for college seems like a lot of fun, but it can be a burden too. Although you haven’t decided yet on which colleges to apply, don’t worry. There is some time left in order for you to figure things out.
Content dissertation defence bestessay education
You have faced a mountain of challenges in your academic career, and now you are about to pursue your doctorate. With this comes the most challenging paper that you will ever write, your doctoral dissertation. For many that have looked forward to getting their Ph.D., it is the dissertation that they say they would remove from the equation if they could.
Content best internship for awesome career
Internships are an incredible way of getting an insight into the world of full-time work without being committed to the stresses and strains of internal politics, the hierarchical in-fighting, and other downsides of committing to a full-time position.
Content bee digital marketing 2016
Content marketing. That’s the term for anything that is done online to promote a company, and its products/services. Also known as digital marketing, it has been going on for years. Companies of all sizes utilize online marketing, and it is in many ways the great equalizer – it is cheap and allows a small startup to grab a huge audience with well-placed, catchy, and engaging content.
Content does everyone have to be a leader
There is an age-old argument that has not yet been completely resolved. The argument relates to human personality and whether it is inherited (nature) or developed (nurture). Years ago, it was all considered to be a factor of nature. People inherited their personality characteristics ad were born with them. Then, we moved through a period in which the dominant thought was that all personality traits were the result of nurture – individuals’ experiences as they grew up.
Content bee ig college cover
A revolutionary yes or no, decision making flowchart for those, who can't choose between the "college of their dream" and "instant money job".
Content sculpture   art
Let's be honest, you are on social media all of the time. That is not going to change. You've seen all of the memes and Facebook posts lamenting some previous generation that supposedly loved each other more and did a better job of having relationships with one another because they didn't have Facebook/Smart phones or that crazy rock and roll music, and you've rolled your eyes along with the rest of us.
Top 7 College Majors

October 30, 2015- Posted to Study

Content top 7 college majors
Which college majors are the best? How do you measure that? The most popular college majors can reflect many things. Obviously the popularity of the major is one of those things, but what about other factors. Surely, popularity alone does not mean that a major is a good choice. After all, you also have to consider the quality of the schools that offer the major, the likelihood of somebody majoring in a particular subject getting a job.
Content bee 3 tips on how to write a 5 paragraph essay
A 5 paragraph essay, is not a type of essay in the most formal sense. Types of essays include argumentative essays, persuasive essays, definition essays, literary analysis essays, etc. Any of these types of essays can be written as a five paragraph essay. Essentially, a 5 paragraph essay is an essay format
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