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Lauren Gartner

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Meet Lauren Gartner at Best Essay Education!

I’m Lauren Gartner. I perceive myself as a creative workaholic who is constantly seeking for new knowledge. I think when you meet this kind of people you become a little bit surprised with their dynamical way of life. My friends sometimes think that I’m not a 100% human being, because it is unnatural for them to work a lot. My secret lies in the fact that I simply love my job.

I was born in Denmark, in the family of farmers. My parents tried to encourage me to follow their path. I adore animals and plants, but I did not see myself in the future as a farmer. That’s why I studied hard in school- I planned to move to the USA.  I got excellent marks in English, Biology, and Math.

After passing my final exams, I got an honor to study in the American university. I can’t say that studying in a foreign country was so easy to me, but I’m opened-minded person and communication with new people is not a challenging situation. On my 2nd course I felt a passion in writing. At first, I helped my friends to organize their essays, but lately I understood that my skills can become a useful tool. I visited many lectures on journalism, improved my writing style, formatting. I can say for sure, that writing is not only my hobby, it is way of life. 

My Articles

Content sculpture   art
Let's be honest, you are on social media all of the time. That is not going to change. You've seen all of the memes and Facebook posts lamenting some previous generation that supposedly loved each other more and did a better job of having relationships with one another because they didn't have Facebook/Smart phones or that crazy rock and roll music, and you've rolled your eyes along with the rest of us.
Content bee mistakes to avoid in business writing
If you own, operate or represent a business, it is extremely important that you are able to communicate effectively in writing. This includes communicating in advertisements, in blog posts, when sending emails, when posting on social media, and when interacting with customers or vendors. A big part of this is learning to avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes.
Top 7 College Majors

October 30, 2015- Posted to Study

Content top 7 college majors
Which college majors are the best? How do you measure that? The most popular college majors can reflect many things. Obviously the popularity of the major is one of those things, but what about other factors. Surely, popularity alone does not mean that a major is a good choice. After all, you also have to consider the quality of the schools that offer the major, the likelihood of somebody majoring in a particular subject getting a job.
Content bee freshmen mistakes to avoid
The freshman year of college can be challenging in many ways. There are new experiences to navigate, adult decisions to make, and classes that are often much more challenging than they were in high school. Many freshmen struggle with writing classes especially. The expectations in these classes are higher, and students are often asked to write about subject matter that is significantly more complex.
Content bee proper language and sentence structure for academic writing
Academic writing is the form of writing that students and others in the world of academia use to communicate their knowledge and informed opinions on a variety of subjects. Academic writing is by definition objective, evidence based, accurate, and written from an impersonal point of view.